22 december 2020

There may be situations in which you, as a participant, would like to stop contributing. For example, because you switch from an employer without a pension scheme to an employer with a collective pension plan. Or when you are self-employed and quit your business. Or if it’s temporarily not that convenient from a financial point of view. For these kinds of situations you could take a contribution break.

During the contribution break:

  • your money remains invested;
  • you don’t pay membership fees;
  • you can’t make deposits or withdrawals (transactions) anymore;
  • you can’t request incoming value transfers;
  • the risk is not phased out towards your retirement age;
  • adjusted rules on social assistance benefits apply.

Conditions for a contribution break

  • You or your employer have paid the membership fee for at least one year.
  • You take the contribution break before the start of a new calendar year.
  • You don’t have an investment account, or you have withdrawn your capital from your investment account or transferred it to your pension account, i.e. there is no capital in the investment account.
  • You have accrued a capital less than € 50.000 and your pension assets are under € 50.000. If the value of your assets increases to more than € 50.000 because of increased returns, we’ll have to charge the annual membership fee again.
  • A contribution break can be as long as necessary, but may be taken no more than once every five years. Should you want to take a second contribution break within that period, please contact us by telephone, so we can look for a solution together.

How do you take a contribution break?

  1. Please fill in this form, to inform us you want a contribution break.
  2. We’ll send you a confirmation.
  3. You’ll no longer pay membership fees from the following calendar year.

Ending a contribution break

If you want to start contributing again, please fill in this form. You’ll receive a confirmation by e-mail. From that time onwards you can make investments again and you’ll pay the membership fees for the relevant calendar year.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to call us! 020 – 70 70 540