• What if I move abroad?

    If you’re moving abroad, you must notify us of any changes to your tax residence. Otherwise it may be that double taxation is levied (in the Netherlands and in the country to which you move), which you then have to (try to) reclaim. So inform all financial institutions where you purchase services in time.

    From a fiscal point of view, the following happens with regards to your box 1 annuity account:

    • The tax authorities impose a so-called “Conserverende aanslag” on the amount of the reversionary interest due. You don’t have to pay this assessment as long as you still adhere to the conditions set for the annuity as imposed by Dutch law. This assessment will expire after you have lived abroad for 10 years (and therefore have not been a tax resident of the Netherlands during all that time). Please note: you must submit a written request for remission of your Conserverende aanslag. It’s smart to do this before you possibly use your accrued annuity capital.
    • If you reach your desired retirement age in those 10 years and you want to start your benefit, you must purchase an annuity benefit that meets the conditions in Dutch law.
    • If you reach the state pension age plus 5 years in that period, you must purchase an annuity payment that meets the conditions in Dutch legislation.

    What happens after the protective assessment has expired?

    From that moment on, you no longer have to adhere to the payment rules that are set for annuities. If desired, you can have current benefits paid out in one go or adjust the term to a shorter period if desired (longer is of course also possible, but this was already one of your options when the restrictions on annuity payments still applied). You can also use it, for example, for an “interim pension / sabbatical”.