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Your pension plan at Flow Traders

Flow Traders contributes an amount of one month gross salary with a maximum of € 5.000. This contribution is spread over twelve months and will be automatically transferred to your Bright pension account.

The registration fee of € 50 will be deducted from your salary. You are free to decide if you want to participate in this plan.

What if I don’t want to participate?

If you choose not to participate in this plan, Flow Traders will contribute two-third of your monthly gross salary with a maximum of € 5.000. This amount is spread over twelve months and will be added to your monthly gross salary. Keep in mind that this option means that you do not grow your pension via Flow Traders.

What happens to your pension account if you leave Flow Traders?

If you terminate your employment at Flow Traders you can pause your pension plan at Bright. Cost free. The yearly fee will also be paused.

You can also choose to continue your pension at Bright. Please contact our customer happiness team by sending an email to info@brightpensioen.nl.

The long term

Now you know what it means to have a pension account at Bright and what it costs. But what does this mean for your future?

Calculate the growth of your pension with our pension calculator if you start now.

How much pension do you need?

Want to see
how much money
you can get?
Change the sliders

Total period: jaar

Indication accumulated capital

This is the total amount of money. With this money you eventually have to buy an annuity, for a certain period. In The Netherlands this period has to be at least 5 years.
Indication total accumulated capital

Indication monthly gross payout

This is an indication of the monthly amounts that you are able to find in the market with the current interest rates for the period you choose. Purchasing power IN. So, what would this amount be in today's euro.
Indication monthly (gross) income

Purchasing power: €
In case your employer does not pay for your membership fees, with the date you entered, BrightPensioen can be less interesting for you. Want to know what you can do about this? Contact us: 020 – 70 70 540.

What's the result of starting years later?

€ − % less


This tool gives you an indication of the capital you can accumulate and the corresponding monthly payout amounts. Calculated with the contribution, period and yield you can enter and alter yourself. The yearly membership fee is not taken into account in the contribution or in the results, since these are charges separately. And usually paid by your employer. The shown amounts are merely an indication and this indication is not an advice in any form. The actual results are dependent of various factors and circumstances. The value of your investments can fluctuate. Past performance is no guide to future performance. Here you find the calculations explained (Dutch).

What are the advantages?

  • Your personal pension account

    • Tax-friendly
    • You decide how much you contribute and how often
    • The accumulated money goes to your legal beneficiaries in case you pass away
    • Your money is invested at cost price
    • Socially responsible and sustainable investments
    • Additional investment account at no extra costs
    • A contribution break is possible
  • Transparent costs

    We do not take a percentage of your precious pension. We earn our money through a fixed membership.

    And we invest at cost price.

    This way you keep more.

  • Smart and sustainable investing

    We invest in a broadly diversified and sustainable manner.

    Because you naturally do not want to invest money intended to secure your future in things that could endanger your future.

  • Social enterprise

    We offer a solution to a social challenge. Namely, that a growing group of Dutch people are not building up a pension anymore.

    Like other enterprises, we want to earn money. And we need to make a profit.

    But that is a means to achieve our mission.

Don’t miss out on your tax benefit

Put money aside for your pension!

And you will be rewarded with tax benefit.

You get part of your contribution back from the Tax Authority and do not pay wealth tax on your pension account.

(Once your pension is paid out, you will only then start paying income tax again. This deferred tax is generally a lot less.)

There is a maximum amount you can contribute. This maximum is determined by your annual tax allowance (jaarruimte) and tax allowance over the past 10 years (reserveringsruimte.)

The annual tax allowance (jaarruimte) is the amount you are allowed to contribute each year with a tax advantage. The tax allowance over the past 10 years (reserveringsruimte) is the unused annual allowance of the past 10 years. Curious how much you can contribute? And what your tax benefit is? (Hint: it can be up to 49.5%) Calculate it below with our annual allowance calculator.

What was your income in 2023?

In 2023 pensioen opgebouwd in loondienst?

Factor A

With an income below the thresshold of € 17.545 there is no yearly allowance
Your max. contribution in 2024
Max. allowance 2024

Calculate your yearly allowance and reserve margin

Saving for retirement is tax-beneficial. Therefore there is a maximum on what you can contribute per year. Your annual allowance (in Dutch: jaarruimte) is based on your income of the previous year. You can ask your financial or tax advisor to calculate this. Or do it yourself with our tool.

Indication tax return
Based on max. allowance

These amounts are indications. The actual results dependent of your income of the previous years and whether or not you had any pension provisions in these years. In the payout phase you will have to pay income tax. For the indicated tax return we have calculated with a percentage of 36,97% and for incomes of € 75.518 and more with a percentage van 49,50%. This can be different from person to person.

You want to make the exact calculations? Download our calculation tool (Excel, Dutch).


  • Can I visit the website of BrightPensioen in English (or any other language)?

    We realise it can take time to understand a Dutch website, especially if it is different from your (first) language. We have not translated our website into English (yet), but there is an easy way to do this yourself, if you want to, with Google Translate.

    1. Go to the website of Google Translate. 
    2. Type our website (www.brightpensioen.nl) in the left box.
    3. Choose the language you want to translate to, in the right box.
    4. Click on the link that is created in the right box, to go to the translated website.

    It can take a few seconds for the page to load fully. Of course, the translation will not be flawless, but it can be very helpful.

    Also, please know our customer service colleagues speak multiple languages (call: 020 – 70 70 540 or e-mail: info@brightpensioen.nl) and they’re available to help you with any questions you might still have.

    Does your employer facilitate your pension at BrightPensioen? Please know there’s this English page available for you.