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We don’t profit from your pension. We work with a permanent membership plan. The membership is paid by your employer, as long as you work there. And we save you serious money by investing at cost price.

Your employer also pays the registration fee. In return you’ll get depositary receipts for shares in BrightPensioen. So when we make a profit, you have a share in it. And you have a say in our General Membership Meeting.

Our Terms and Conditions

We don’t like small print.


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  • Please, use the e-mail address you used last year to register at BrightPensioen.

Everything you need to know

Pension account

Tax benefits

Accruing a pension at BrightPensioen is subject to fiscal terms. You can reclaim the tax on your investment, and you don’t pay capital gains tax on your pension assets. Once you have your pension paid out, you’ll pay income tax. But as a rule this will be less, as you no longer pay contributions to state pension.


The government, however, wants something in return. The money is fixed until you retire or up to ten years after you move out of The Netherlands. If you move out, please notice us right away.

Another term is that you can’t invest more than your annual margin every year. Don’t panic! We’ll help you with that. With our easy annual margin tool.

Investment account

Be flexible with your investment account

In addition to your pension account, you can get an additional investment account. This second account allows you to make investments for example for a sabbatical. You still benefit from tax gains, on your pension account. But you can also be flexible, with your investment account.

No tax benefits on your investment account

Your investment account (the second free account) has no tax benefits. You can’t reclaim the tax on your investment on this account, and you do pay capital gains tax on your investment account assets.

Both accounts

We invest your money

All pension suppliers invest the money of the participants. So do we! There is no other magic trick to grow your money.

Our target return is 6% at an inflation of 2%. This is realistic, but not guaranteed. Since past returns are no guarantee for the future.

Investing can involve risks

The value of your investments can increase or decrease. Of course we try to minimalize this. We spread the investments over all regions globally, over all industries. The risk profile is neutral, with a maximum of 60% stocks and 40% (green)bonds. We rebalance every month and start decreasing the risk automatically ten years before your retirement date.

The risk for this product is medium.

Both accounts

Your pension assets at Bright always remain yours

Even when you change jobs. Or stop working. Or become an entrepreneur. You can continue to use your account. So no more fuss with separate jam-jars. Please notice that when you move out of The Netherlands, there may be different rules. Contact us if you have any questions.

A contribution break is also an option

There may be situations in which you, as a participant, would like to stop contributing. For example, because you switch from an employer without a pension scheme to an employer with a collective pension plan. Or when you are self-employed and quit your business. For these kinds of situations you can take a contribution break (read the Terms and Conditions).

Investing at cost price

  • 0,07%

    The entry fee for each deposit you make.

  • approx. 0.11% / 0.17%

    The current fund costs defensive / neutral in 2023.

  • 0,05%

    The exit fee when you leave the fund.

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